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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Credit Check

I am notoriously bad with money. (Please note that ‘I’ refers to this individual writer and not Scattered, which is as fastidious with its finances as it is with its selection of artists - it has to be, quality digestive biscuits don’t come cheap these days). In fact, so bad am I with balancing the old budget sheet that I once travelled as far as the tube would go in North London to secure a loan with a 3000% interest rate (well, something like that as I don’t actually remember the rate; I’m not that astute) and spent the next twelve months fearing for the safety of my kneecaps in the event of a missed repayment.

So, with what joy it was this morning that I heard that Greece may default on its national loans. Now, it’s nothing personal about Greece (I like moussaka) but how fantastic to know that someone else – or should that be some government else? – is as crap with finances as I am? Suddenly, I feel a sense of smugness knowing that my crapness will never be detrimental to a whole country. I may sometimes have to substitute tomatoes on the vine for cheapy, tasteless vine-less ones (oh, the woes of being ever so slightly middle class) but I will never drag an entire country into the depths of poverty with me. Agh, I’m pretty much the Big Society personified…

But why am I writing this? Well, dear Scattered follower, with the second (YES, I said SECOND) Scattered exhibition taking place on Sunday 3rd July and considering these days of austerity that we find ourselves in, I feel it only right to warn you of the risk of defaulting on your commitments to the artistic Bank of Scattered. Your payment comes in the form of your enthusiastic attendance and your economically wise appreciation of the fantastic art you'll be seeing and we'd hate for you to 'forget' (I've tried that excuse many times before - it doesn't wash!).

So, be prepared to keep your appointment with us this Sunday, keep your eye on the blog for information about the location and remember, non-attendance will go against the terms and conditions of your passion for new and exciting art…

Your knee caps have been warned!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011