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An accidental glimpse, a secret conversation, a sporadic experience.

Shhhhh, no one’s going to be looking…

Monday, 4 February 2013

Scattered Art April 2012

"Art in the City"
Filmed and edited by
Amanda Walsh
A Wide World Production

Sunday, 8 April 2012


Good morning, Scattered followers. Take your head out of that personliased Thornton's chocolate trough that granny bought you for Easter and make a mental note of where today's Scattered exhibition is going to be...

As part of 'Art in the City', Scattered will be holding its fifth exhibition in the empty shop front next to Bunters in Kenwyn Street, Truro. The space has been everything from a surf shop to a cookery shop but today, from 3 to 6pm, it reaches its peak by becoming part of the Scattered movement.

Okay, you may now go back to scoffing your chocolate and don't worry about wiping your chin before visiting Scattered later - chocolate beards are today's must-have fashion accessory!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Pastry? Discuss...

In this post-Atkins era where any vaguely carb-related food stuff is seen as the work of the devil (be gone thou orange, tricksy knave), anything edible AND consisting of pastry can only be seen as a decadence to either the sane or the remotely slim. (Ask David Cameron – pastry is this season’s hot potato. Yes, I know pastry isn’t a potato. That’s a metaphor and a food-based one at that. And yes, there will be a few more.)

So, how delighted was Scattered to be served a feast of pastry items at this evening’s launch of ‘Art in the City’ held at Truro Arts Company? Pretty darn happy and no amount of grease on the fingers and crumbs of flaky pastry down our metaphorical cleavage was going to kill our joy. Samosas, sausage rolls, chicken and feta (yes, and feta!) roll-like thingies were abundant. There was also something that looked like quiche but without the pastry - it was still beige in colour though so I suspect it shares some sort of food gene with pastry. Blinking ‘ell, we were spoilt.
Thank God, then, that our hunger for art is so strong that we were able to see past the gluttony (albeit our gluttony, yes, but it would have been rude not to) and appreciate the fantastic non-pastry, cultural event that ‘Art in the City’ actually is. If you don’t know about this annual event, it’s probably because you’re spending your time eating too many Dominoes’ pizzas while sniggering at ‘Supersize vs Superskinny’, which is the very reason why you should hoick up your elasticated trousers and get out onto the streets of Truro this week and digest some good quality, nutritious art. (Okay, there’s always a chance that elastic no longer cuts the mustard so if you and your girth are bed-ridden, check out

As part of the ‘Art in the City’ festival, Scattered will be holding an exhibition on Sunday 8th April from 3 – 6pm. You know the score. We can’t tell you where the exhibition will be just yet - Scattered is too busy picking caraway seeds out of its teeth (agh, feel that middle class indigestion coming on) - but we will tell you after 9am on Sunday morning so keep checking the blog/Facebook.

See you there, our little arty vol-au-vents!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Scattered 4

With its graffitied concrete, muddy breeze blocks and rusty doors, the old Chacewater gun club provided a unique space for Scattered’s first exhibition of 2012 today. For the three hours that Scattered took residence, this rundown building became a candle-lit gallery showcasing photography, sculptures and installation pieces that were as intriguing as the venue itself.
Armed with torches and an impressive resilience to the cold weather, visitors saw work from:
Nick Bradford
Clementine Brown
Edmond Griffith Jones
Rose Hatcher
Seamus Moran
Anthony Neale
Joe Taylor
Hannah Vallis
Janine Wilson
Paper aeroplanes, video tape, continental graffiti, greenhouses, cheese graters, fake arms, epiphanies, binge-Britain, ninja toys, fantastical cities, knot sculptures and freezing-to-the-very-lining-of-our-pants. What a great day!
A huge thanks to John Carley for allowing us to use this great space, to all the artists and to everyone who visited.
The Scattered Team x
Photo by Nathan Coombe

Update! Update!

All is set for this afternoon and, good news, we have some limited off road parking at the gun club so do drive by and check if there's a space and hopefully you'll be saved a walk in this Cornish rain.

Also, even better news - it's a tad wet and cold so this is a great opportunity for you to show off any snazzy leg warmers and chunky jumpers you may own.

See you soon...

Sunday 29th January

The first Scattered exhibition of 2012 is today! The exhibition is so close now (only a matter of hours away) that we can almost smell it...and no, that’s not the smell of unwashed knitwear and pretentious matted hair but the smell of creativity and pure artistic gumption. And the smell is coming from...
The old Chacewater Gun Club on Station Road in, wait for it, Chacewater.
The smell will be pungent and open to sniffers (no, this metaphor just isn’t working is it?) from 3pm to 6pm today ONLY.
Getting parked:
Please park in the public car park in Chacewater as there will be no parking outside the gun club itself and the Scattered team is keen to encourage healthy physical exertion at every available opportunity.
Entering Chacewater from Truro, take a left at the first pub. Entering from Redruth, you will pass a pub on your left. Carry on and take the right just before the second pub. I assume they’ll be some sort of big blue ‘P’ to guide you further.
Getting Scattered:
Back on the main Chacewater road and with your back to Truro, take the right hand turn just past the shop onto Station Road. After a pleasant and exhilarating five minute walk (ah, feel that fresh air in your lungs, clear those nasal passages in preparation...okay, I can’t stop), you’ll see the white, graffitied walls of the gun club on your left.
(NB. There is no postcode for the site so go old school for this – lick a finger and wave it in the air perhaps?)
Enjoying Scattered:
Because of the unusual nature of this exhibition space, no dogs will be permitted on site and we ask that, for their own safety, children stay with an adult at all times and are not allowed to run around and fall down holes etc!
Scattered is looking forward to seeing you.
P.S. I just googled ‘nasal hair’ thinking I might be able to claw back the smell metaphor by adding in some interesting nasal hair facts but I got as far as reading that my nasal hairs prevent foreign particles entering my lungs and started to feel a bit wheezy. I plucked some nasal hairs the other day (painful but aesthetically necessary) and now I’m worried that I’ve left myself at the mercy of foreign objects. Shit.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Ahoy there!

What did I do over the weekend? Me? Oh, you know, just completed my solo circum-navigation around the world. What, how old am I? Oh, 16. What’s that? That makes me a pretty hardcore teenager? Yeah, I guess. It’s just...well, you know, I just don’t feel like I’ve actually achieved anything. Okay, so it was a 43,450-kilometre voyage and I did miss seeing my mates and all and I do feel I sacrificed a lot because, like, I haven’t been into a New Look for what seems like months and, yeah, these deck shoes are chafing a bit now but, ya know, it’s not like the Guiness Book of Records have recognised it or anything. Man, this sucks... I need a new challenge. That’s it, a proper ‘will she or won’t she make it?’ challenge that will push me to my mental and physical limits and inspire people the world over. Umm...What’s that? There’s a Scattered exhibition this Sunday and I have to navigate my own way there? I’ll be told where it is on the day via the blog and Facebook but before then I can access maps secreted around Cornwall if I use my cunning and devil-may-care attitude? Am I up for it? Do I piss overboard? Hell, yeah!

Tally ho,

Laura Dekker.

Important messages from Scattered:

Get your maps for Sunday 29th from: The Old Bakery Studios in Truro, FXU at Tremough or The Fish Factory or, if that really is too much of an endeavour for you (we won't judge you but a certain 16 year old might), message us on Facebook or email us at and we'll email you the required cartography.

We don’t know if there are any ‘New Look’ branches in Holland but we can only hope that the Dutch have the same access to cheap but on-trend fashion like we do.

Laura Dekker probably won’t be there on Sunday. We bet she’ll be at Fal Week this year though. Probably eating oysters.