Scattered is a new platform enabling people to experience art in striking and unexpected locations. Disregarding pretension and staid clich├ęs of how, when and where art should be enjoyed, Scattered sees art as accessible, emergent and dynamic.

An accidental glimpse, a secret conversation, a sporadic experience.

Shhhhh, no one’s going to be looking…

Thursday, 28 April 2011

May 8th

Log on, get involved, come on down - it's an awesome location. Not what you would expect perhaps for a collection of such up and coming talent. The artists are ready, the wine will be poured and the atmosphere will be....fishy.
Be part of one of the most exciting things going on in Cornwall this summer - get involved - it might just be another '76!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

We know you're looking, so now become a follower, looking isn't good enough any more!

Monday, 18 April 2011

And we're feeling good...

"This is probably our summer...Yeah...You know what it was like last year...Yeah...It's sunny now...Means it'll be crap in the actual summer...Yeah, the seasons are changing...lush though, eh?..We are so lucky to live here...God, it's so nice...Who needs to go abroad?...It won't last long...It's lovely though...Ahhh..."

And so the conversations go. And no, Scattered HQ is not immune to such predictable and oh, so British waffling about the weather and its inevitable return to crapness. But hold on a minute, what's that? Sunshine forecast for the whole week ahead? An abundance of bank holidays providing several opportunities to roast our currently purple-tinged skin? Hold on a cotton-picking, beer-in-the-sunshine-swilling moment. Is that optimism we can smell? Is that a growing sense of good things just waiting to happen?

Well, the Scattered team visited the location for the May 8th exhibition this evening and what a location it is. It could have been the early evening sun pouring through the windows that got the team's excitement going and, yes, the weather was lush and, yes, this could possibly be our summer now but things are feeling good and we can't wait for you to feel the goodness with us.

So, here's to one hell of a corker of a first exhibition and here's to Britain's first ever 6 month summer...bring on the beers!

Friday, 15 April 2011

Would you cry?

"If I died, yeah, would you come to my funeral? Would you cry?
Would you feel some regret that we didn’t try?..."

Ah, only the wise musings of Jack the Lad Swing (or JLS to any heathens out there who need the abbreviated moniker) could capture the very real mental and physical pain and torment of the loss of something that could have been but never was. Emotional blackmail it may be - it's my funeral god dammit, cry, cry, I say, you heartless swine - but never has a truer sentiment been sung. When you feel let down, nay abandoned, you really do want the bastard who hurt you to feel pain and guilt - even if it is at the cost of your untimely (but let's face it, at least in some way beneficial) death.

Now, Scattered won't necessarily be begging you for 'love CPR' if you don't commit your heart and soul to taking part in the Scattered exhibition on May 8th but can you really risk the pangs of regret that will inevitably follow any such lack of involvement?

"Would it always haunt you, baby?"

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Dolly or Willy?

Be warned, Scattered HQ has been overwhelmed with cultural stimulation today! By God, if it wasn't the Queen-of-Country-Music/Literacy-Across-The-World-Dolly-Parton, it was He-Of-The-Most-Amazing-Shakespearean-Performance-Ever-Derek Jacobi exciting our scatttered but oh so receptive synapses. This can only bode well for the cultural cacophony of future Scattered events. The question is though, what are you going to add to the mix? Answers on a postcard of many colours or a pig-skin script...

Get it in your diary.

Not long now, May the 8th for the launch of Scattered Art exhibitions. Be part of it! Log on in the morning to find out the location and make sure you're there.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Scattered won’t stay put.

While submissions are coming in, the location is being prepped and talk of Scattered is growing, the first exhibition does not yet exist. In fact, it will only come into being on the day itself and its life span will be short.

Making its entrance to the world on Sunday 8th May, the mewling and puking infant that is the Scattered inaugural event will move quickly to the rounded belly of middle age before hurtling itself into the oblivion of old age before the day is out. So, to be part of the conception and the swiftly changing acts of Scattered, get your submission in now, put the date in your diary and remember that you can only take part in Scattered once a month.

Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, Scattered’s first event will end as quickly as it began…see you at the wake.

Monday, 4 April 2011

What's it all about eh?

Scattered Art is a series of unusual and incidental exhibitions planned for the summer of 2011 around and about in Cornwall. Art will be popping up in some unlikely locations - and the rogue peg will be your guide! Currently in the planning stages... tea, pooters and pegs.
The first adventure begins next month - so watch this space and keep 'em peeled for pegs!