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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Dress rehearsal

God bless the Queen and hip, hip hooray for all that it is British and good! Yes, Scattered watched the royal wedding (bah humbug to any staunch republicans out there who pretended to ignore it instead of letting romance and hypocrisy rule the day) and, yes, we waved our Union Jack flags in delight every time Kate and Wills looked at each other and, yes, there was even some seal clapping over the Aston Martin moment. Ah, it was a joyous day and we at Scattered are very grateful for everyone at the palace for providing the nation with an event to pass the time while it holds its breathe and waits patiently for the inaugural Scattered exhibition.

Just as Kate, sorry, Catherine and William (Arthur Phillip Louis) had their wedding rehearsal to ensure their mahoosive day went smoothly, we know that you, dear Scattered follower, will be wanting to rehearse what you will be doing this time next week in order to find out the location of the Scattered exhibition. So, here we go:

1. Sit down at your computer/laptop or have your smart phone in your hand...Oh, you're doing that already.
2. Visit, you're doing that already.
3. Read the blog...Oh, you're doing that already.
4. Grab a glass of Pimm's and what will by then be a very stale cucumber sandwich...Oh, you're doing that already (honestly, Scattered follower, you really are predictable and ever so slightly undignified and for that we love you).

This time next week, Scattered fans, this time next week…

P.S. Scattered would like to make it clear that it has no opinion whatsoever on Princess Beatrice's funking awful hat.


  1. I am only in it for the PEG.

  2. Is the PEG a euphemism for something related to Princess B?! MR, Scattered knows you are looking forward to seeing some great art. See you on the 8th...