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Shhhhh, no one’s going to be looking…

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


The worst thing about going on holiday, aside from the cocktail-induced-Euro-binge-guilt and the disappointment when you realise that your tan pales (literally) into insignificance next to the golden skin of the person who tells you that they 'sat in the shade' all week, is dirty washing. Specifically dirty underwear. You know what I mean - those pesky pants that sit at the bottom of your travel bag, spreading their dirtiness and tempting you to sniff them in case they're actually your clean ones (they never are) - they really do take the glamour out of travel (and I fly Ryan Air so I know all about glamorous travel).

So, it's almost with reflief that those days of sipping mojitas around the pool in our private villa are over and that the Scattered team is back in Cornwall enjoying the dregs of Hurricane Irene and figuring out how to live off 5 Euros for the rest of the month (eating souvenir tea towels is becoming an appealing option). And better yet, with those pants recently cleaned, the Scattered team is hygenic, fragrant and gearing up to the third Scattered exhibition.

We'll keep you posted so keep visiting the blog. Visas, sun cream, naff sun hats and cheap rip-off sunglasses are not required. We know you're an arty bunch though so the condition of your underwear will be up to you...

P.S. Spent all your money on 'crazy' souvenir fridge magnets? Don't worry 'cos Scattered is free!

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