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An accidental glimpse, a secret conversation, a sporadic experience.

Shhhhh, no one’s going to be looking…

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Scattered 4

With its graffitied concrete, muddy breeze blocks and rusty doors, the old Chacewater gun club provided a unique space for Scattered’s first exhibition of 2012 today. For the three hours that Scattered took residence, this rundown building became a candle-lit gallery showcasing photography, sculptures and installation pieces that were as intriguing as the venue itself.
Armed with torches and an impressive resilience to the cold weather, visitors saw work from:
Nick Bradford
Clementine Brown
Edmond Griffith Jones
Rose Hatcher
Seamus Moran
Anthony Neale
Joe Taylor
Hannah Vallis
Janine Wilson
Paper aeroplanes, video tape, continental graffiti, greenhouses, cheese graters, fake arms, epiphanies, binge-Britain, ninja toys, fantastical cities, knot sculptures and freezing-to-the-very-lining-of-our-pants. What a great day!
A huge thanks to John Carley for allowing us to use this great space, to all the artists and to everyone who visited.
The Scattered Team x
Photo by Nathan Coombe

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