Scattered is a new platform enabling people to experience art in striking and unexpected locations. Disregarding pretension and staid clich├ęs of how, when and where art should be enjoyed, Scattered sees art as accessible, emergent and dynamic.

An accidental glimpse, a secret conversation, a sporadic experience.

Shhhhh, no one’s going to be looking…

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Dolly or Willy?

Be warned, Scattered HQ has been overwhelmed with cultural stimulation today! By God, if it wasn't the Queen-of-Country-Music/Literacy-Across-The-World-Dolly-Parton, it was He-Of-The-Most-Amazing-Shakespearean-Performance-Ever-Derek Jacobi exciting our scatttered but oh so receptive synapses. This can only bode well for the cultural cacophony of future Scattered events. The question is though, what are you going to add to the mix? Answers on a postcard of many colours or a pig-skin script...

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