Scattered is a new platform enabling people to experience art in striking and unexpected locations. Disregarding pretension and staid clichés of how, when and where art should be enjoyed, Scattered sees art as accessible, emergent and dynamic.

An accidental glimpse, a secret conversation, a sporadic experience.

Shhhhh, no one’s going to be looking…

Monday, 11 April 2011

Scattered won’t stay put.

While submissions are coming in, the location is being prepped and talk of Scattered is growing, the first exhibition does not yet exist. In fact, it will only come into being on the day itself and its life span will be short.

Making its entrance to the world on Sunday 8th May, the mewling and puking infant that is the Scattered inaugural event will move quickly to the rounded belly of middle age before hurtling itself into the oblivion of old age before the day is out. So, to be part of the conception and the swiftly changing acts of Scattered, get your submission in now, put the date in your diary and remember that you can only take part in Scattered once a month.

Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, Scattered’s first event will end as quickly as it began…see you at the wake.

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