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Monday, 18 April 2011

And we're feeling good...

"This is probably our summer...Yeah...You know what it was like last year...Yeah...It's sunny now...Means it'll be crap in the actual summer...Yeah, the seasons are changing...lush though, eh?..We are so lucky to live here...God, it's so nice...Who needs to go abroad?...It won't last long...It's lovely though...Ahhh..."

And so the conversations go. And no, Scattered HQ is not immune to such predictable and oh, so British waffling about the weather and its inevitable return to crapness. But hold on a minute, what's that? Sunshine forecast for the whole week ahead? An abundance of bank holidays providing several opportunities to roast our currently purple-tinged skin? Hold on a cotton-picking, beer-in-the-sunshine-swilling moment. Is that optimism we can smell? Is that a growing sense of good things just waiting to happen?

Well, the Scattered team visited the location for the May 8th exhibition this evening and what a location it is. It could have been the early evening sun pouring through the windows that got the team's excitement going and, yes, the weather was lush and, yes, this could possibly be our summer now but things are feeling good and we can't wait for you to feel the goodness with us.

So, here's to one hell of a corker of a first exhibition and here's to Britain's first ever 6 month summer...bring on the beers!

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